Sunday, 4 March 2012

Febuary Favourites

Hello my lovely's!

I'm sorry I haven't blogged in over two weeks but I have been super busy!
I have been running around like mad with a pile of homework and exams to study for :( I'm going to try and update and write a blog hopefully every day that I can.

I thought that I would do a February Favourite as it was the first month that I started blogging!

Favourite 1: Blogging!

So last month started me on my blogging adventure! And I must say I've really enjoyed getting into writing reviews and seeing my followers increase, It's a really nice feeling knowing people from all over read what I have been writing!
So thank you to all my lovely followers <3

Favourite 2: The Beautiful Adele

With the Grammy's and the Brit's this month it’s safe to say Adele is loved by all! I absolutely love the girl she’s such an inspiration to so many young girls as her music is beautiful and has a message in her lyrics about love. What inspires me the most about Adele would be her size, she’s not size 0; she’s size perfect in my opinion. I am nowhere near a size 0 and I find when flicking through magazines it’s hard to find your average size woman unless they are being slated for carrying an extra bit of weight this is why Adele would be one of my idols as she's comfortable with her weight yet still looks amazing!

Favourite 3: My Hand food
I have been using soap and glory hand food for over 6 months now and still love it! I first came across hand food years ago whilst on a holiday, I was on a cruise that not many children were on so I attended every activity that I could to try and meet a few new people. I attended a makeover class for the cruise gala night, the girl who runs the activity was one of the young excursions hosts she explained how we should take care of our body by using moisturisers and hand creams. She used soap and glory’s hand cream but it was only last year that I discovered it again as this cruise was over 3 years ago and I was not as into fashion and beauty back then.
I came across hand food whilst watching my favourite beauty blogger/vlogger on YouTube, Fleur de force...CHECK her out I love her she's amazing and gives amazing beauty tips and her style is lovely.

Favourite 4: The Hunger Games
I don't usually read the book of films before the 1st one comes out but I made an exception for this particular series and I'm glad I have!
I didn't understand what all the hype was about until I decided to sit down and read the book that’s been lying on my bookshelf for over a few months (no joke!) I bought the book back in December whilst preparing for my house getting done up but it managed to find its way into a box along with all my others and it found its way back and after hearing so much about it I had to start reading it.
I am now hooked and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the movie as I make my way through the rest of the novels, I am now on the second book - Catching fire just about to move on to mocking jay and I don't want these books to end!
Well that’s all for my favourites this month, hope you all had a lovely weekend and remember don't forget to email and post comments for feedback!




  1. I've read and seen so much hype about the hunger games and yet I totally still don't know what it's all about and the trailer reveals nothing haha. Might have to give in and read the book!

    1. You should its amazing! I was the same before but now I'm hooked!

  2. These are such great favourites! I've been saying it for months but I NEED to read The Hunger Games! Though I've just borrowed the Kardashian book so I think that will come first hehe :) That story about how you found hand cream was interesting! I found it through you lol! xxx

    1. You need to dont worry ill let you borrow it whe i get it back! xox