Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Weekend away!

Hello my lovelies!

So how was everyone's weekend!?

I had an amazing break away at an outdoor activity centre with my friends at the weekend and to make it even better I done over 12 hours of studying and didn't even realise! hopefully all that hard work will pay off in my exams which are only 5 weeks away! Aggg! :O

But back to the weekend! So i started off by heading to school on saturday at 9 in the morning for some studying until lunch, after lunch we were straight back into more classes until 4 o'clock when we we headed off to the activity centre.

I have been to the centre 4 times previously so knew the drill. After unpacking we headed for dinner then back into studying for 2 hours. We then got into our party gear for a karaoke (My school friends know how to party!) I went with one of my blogger friends sophie rose check her blog out! She's adorable and is one of my close friends from school.
As I go to a catholic school we had a mass as our priest came up to celebrate our weekend fun with us. He also knows how to party!

We stayed up to the early hours of Sunday morning (something which I really regret!) chatting and having great fin with my friends. On Sunday we only studied for half the day and done outdoor activities for the rest.

Usually it would be raining heavy in Scotland but we were extremely luck with the weather as the sun came put and the temperature rose which shows summers coming! We took part in 2 outdoor activities one being the flying fox and the other a midnight trail.

The midnight trail was the best by far and I don't think I've ever laughed, screamed and sung so much in my life before! The trail involves you wearing a pair of blacked out goggles and a rope which you follow the whole way round a course. There is a variety of different obstacles which you have to go through. The course is fun as you are with your friends holding onto their shoulder all the while. The best part was when you take your goggles off to reveal you are covered from head to toe in mud!

All in all I had an amazing weekend! If anyone wants me to put up how I study or study tips don't hesitate to ask!

Also I thought that I'd do a quick mention about my favourite blogger of the month (well since I started blogging) it goes to the beautiful Jasmine - barbie-bombshell.blogspot.com I really love this girl she's really become a role model to me after reading her weight loss story. I myself am not your healthy average weight person as I carry extra weight and am trying to eat and be more healthy by keeping active (if you would like me to post some stuff about that leave some comments below or email me MissMeghanxox@gmail.com) I wouldn't have discovered her of she hadn't been one of my very first followers! And that I am very thankful! So go check her out She is lovely and I hope you might like her as much as I do!

So thats all for me tonight hope yours all have a nice night I'm off to catch up on the vampire diaries!


P.s hunger games countdown now in!! 10 days to goo!!!!!

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