Friday, 9 March 2012

Weekend Away!

Hello my lovely’s,
How are we all?! I can’t believe my followers have finally started to rise! :) Can’t quite believe how quick this week went in!  I feel like I’ve hardly sat down and now after a busy (and very) stressful week I can finally sit down and do a little update!
When I logged on I was shocked that my followers were up to 16 so thank-you after a busy week it’s really cheered me up to see that I’ve got a few new followers and because of that I am trying to update more often... (Hopefully).
So I am off on a “Study Weekend” with some of my friends and school this weekend hence I thought I would put up a “What to take in your overnight… (Health & Beauty)”. I am going on an activities/study break since I am now nearing the end of the term before my exams start (in little over a monthL). The weekend isn’t just your head stuck in a book, thank-goodness, but it also includes outdoor activities. So fingers crossed the rain stays off but no doubt it will pour since I do live in Scotland!!!
The bag…
So the bag that I am taking away with me is my Small hello kitty make up bag, I believe it was from Claire’s ( I’m not quite sure it was a Christmas present).
I am taking away the products that I use on a daily basis and know that I will need.
The first thing I am taking with me is my beloved sudocream as my face has broken out due to the stress this week L. I use my sudocream as a moisturiser at the minuet as well so it’s a must have for me.
My second product is my “TRESemme Instrant refresh dry shampoo” I have very oily hair and use this every second day rather than wash my hair every day because that damages it. I really love this dry shampoo it smells really nice and after trying it last year have used it ever since.
I can’t live without my hand food (SERIEOUSLY!)  so of course it is coming along with me.
As I am away for the weekend I am obviously taking my toothbrush, and deodorant and my olay wipes.
Since it’s only a night and an activities weekend I have decided against taking my hair straighteners and just taking a few bobby pins and hair bands instead. So that I can pin it up out of my way.

So make up wise I’m just taking away my make-up which I use every day.
and thats about me!
I better go do the rest of my packing and have a nice relaxing friday night! :) I will try and update sunday...if i'm still awake that is!
I hope you all have a lovely weekend, my lovely’s and remeber feel free to email me with tips and feedback!
Lots of Love
P.S REMEMBER TO PICK UP HUNGER GAMES (IF YOU CAN!) Only another few weeks till the movies released :D!


  1. Great post, have a good weekend and don't come back knowing too much or you'll make me look bad :)

    1. Thanks juliez dont worry that's impossible!