Sunday, 18 March 2012

I've got a spring in my step! And shopping haul!

Hello my lovely's!

How are we all??? Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend! Well I think springs finally reached Scotland!
I'm so sorry that I haven't been posting frequently but I promise I am trying to! I am aiming to try and post every Sunday and at least 2 day's a week but studying has taken over so I do apologise! I would also like to say thanks to all my new followers! |Every time I seem to go on the number increases so thanks!

A Spring Is In My Step!
Make up is: Benifit tinted moisturiser in shade light
MUA black eye shadow used for lining
and philosophy's toasted marshmallow lip gloss over benifit's jing a ling lipstick

 So yesterday I headed off to the Capital for a spot of shopping, I am going to my cousins wedding in 3 weeks time and had to get my outfit sorted! This was the main reason I went to visit my favourite shop.  I ended up getting the dress that I had been eyeing up for weeks now from my favourite shop on this planet...Jojo's Boutique! If you are ever in Edinburgh you must check this little shop out or check out their website! It sells vintage 1950's styled dresses and since I am a huge vintage fan I just had to visit it!

This is the dress I got (there is a petticoat under it to show what it looks like better and cardigan also they are not from the same shop)

I don't think this picture gives the dress any favours but I promise that I will post a picture of me wearing it at the wedding. The dress has a floral print with red flowers and green leafs on a white background I haven't managed to get anything to go along with it yet so more shopping hauls are guaranteed!

The next shop I popped into was Zara, I never usually venture into this particular shop as I always find the price a little over my budget but since I have been saving I decided to have a look! And I am so silly!  I don't know why on earth I ever thought that to be honest! Some of there thing's are a Little over my budget but I managed to pick up 2 items which I adore and came in at under £10! I picked up the white basic cardigan which is shown with the dress above and on the picture below and a navy basic long racer back with a zip vest. I browsed the shop and had a look at the sale section and found both items and was pleasantly surprised that the majority of the items were Large which was perfect for me! I love both items and they are nice together and the white cardigan goes perfectly with my dress!

I also popped into LaSenza as I needed a strapless bra to wear with my dress since it is a halter neck. I ended up coming out the shop with 3 for only £20 which was an amazing bargain as the 3 together would have cost £60!

I also popped into primark and picked up a few things. I must say I am absolutely loving the Primark through in Edinburgh the variety in clothing is huge and with 4 floors of women's clothing no wonder! Primarks new spring/summer clothing is amazing right now with "copy's" of high end clothes the only difference being the price! i do feel the quality of their clothes has decreased recently but at the price  I can't really argue! Although in saying this  I picked up a few holiday clothes including: A pair of long denim shorts and long chino blue shorts along with a white blouse which are all perfect for my holidays.

I also picked up 3 pairs of shoes since I fell in love with all of them! And I have sadly has to fling out all of my other flat shoes as I have wore them to death! I really love these 3 pairs as they go with just about everything in my wardrobe!  also picked up a pack of pastel coloured hair bands and bobbles because I loved the spring colours!

Finally the last place I picked stuff up in was Boots and I only picked up 1 thing :( But it was my amazing hand food so I'm not that sad!

So that's all for tonight's post I hope you's all enjoyed! And I hope you all had a lovely Mother's day! I'm off to watch the rest of Dancing on Ice with my mama!


P.S It's less than a week till Hunger Games!!!!!


  1. love the shoes :) now following :)

  2. Love your photos--especially the one of you! Few more days until the Hunger Games!

  3. Love these outfits, and your make up looks gorgeous in the first photograph!

    Drea @ Drea's Junkyard