Monday, 20 February 2012

Sorry Sorry Sorry!

Hello lovelys!

Its been a while and all I can say is sorry!

Ive had a busy busy weekend with school work and family friends....and to top it all off I've been loaded with the cold! :(

But I'm back now!

I decided to do a short review on my new favourite bag at the min....

The bag is my schoolbag and its just beautiful, as you know I'm from Scotland, but I am lucky to have some connections with the big apple, and my mums friend has just recently returned back from a trip out there to visit one of her relatives. I have had several different bags from Bloomingdale's but this one is by far my favourite!

It shows the outside of the shop and a traditional American street, something which I'm longing to see!

It is the equivlent size to the "Medium Canvas Bag" but with a much more stylish design. Its perfect for school books and can fit in three ring binders or 1 big ring binder folder with several books...Trust me its huge I carry loads with me and it can even fit my lunch in with my million books and make up!

The handles on it are sturdy compared to the normal brown bag (the plastic one) as I found that that particular design was best suited as a weekend bag not a school/book bag as it was broke within 3 weeks :(

I love this bag and would highly reccomend it to anyone who can get their hands on it.

I can't wait to go to New York when I am older to get to finally see the streets like the one on my bag! Bloomingdales do not ship to the UK currently but many of its things pop up on ebay and such sites..But be careful as some may be fakes if you do fancy purchasing a bloomingdales bag online :)!

Well Im off for the night some cramming studying is needed....

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