Sunday, 25 March 2012

Hello Happy SPRING! and shopping haul!

Hello my lovely's!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Mines was fab!

First of all you may have noticed a big layout I have been playing with it for a while now and have finally found the "one". I think this suits me and my style down to a T and its perfect! I hope you all like it to leave me a wee comment on your opinions!

I had the first of my friends 16th's yesterday and it was amazing! I had rushed around the shops yesterday morning trying to find some lovely goodies to wear and I wasn't disappointed! So as promised I have a haul. I also popped into Glasgow today and picked up a ABSOLUTE bargain that I couldn't resist! (I picked up lots of bargains this weekend!) More about that later but!

So my outfit looked like this....

The dress I am wearing I bought in Dorothy Perkins sale it was reduced to £17 from £25 I belive. The heels that I am wearing are from asda and I purchased them last year for £15. The Jewelary I am wearing is

The blue bracelet is from Primark and was only £1 along with the ring which was also £1 the earrings are from DP also and were again £1....Told you bargain weekend!!!

The make up I am wearing is mainly MUA as I went a little crazy in Superdrug! The things I purchased were

I took my friend Julz's advice and purchased some of MUA's eye shadows including there 12 neutral colour palliate which I find just as good as any Urban Decay colours and for only £3 well its another bargain! I also purchased 2 of their Trio eye shadows which I am in love with! I believe they are £2.50 each and they have quite a few to choose from but I got the "Chocolate box and Pink Sorbet" ones. They are beautiful and very pigmented, they come with a little guide on where to apply the colours on the back which is helpful even though I tend to do my own thing. I also picked up a black eyeliner pencil which I love as it has a in-built sharpener on the lid which is so compact and handy!

The reason I popped into superdrug was to see if the Revlon lip butters had been released here and to pick up the MUA BB cream, sadly I'm still waiting the arrival of the lip butters but managed to pick up some BB cream and so far so good! I have wore it twice now and the coverage is really good, I picked up the light colour by mistake but am glad I done so as this colour is perfect to my skin tone. Once I know the product a little better I will do a full review on it.

As you can see in the picture I also picked up a vented brush as I have been watching some hair tutorials for ideas for my hair for the wedding so required this brush to do some of the styles.

Oka so its time for my biggest bargain of this weekend! So I popped into Glasgow today with my mum as I was needing shoes and my mum a dress for the wedding, sadly I didn't pick up any shoes but instead picked up one of the prettiest summer/party dresses ever!

So the dress is from coast, this is a shop that I adore as the dresses are just beautiful...ashamed the prices aren't pretty on my cash but!...WELL all apart from this one......

This dress is just perfect for me its 1950's styled and strapless but came with a the story continues...The dress was marked down from an original £160 to........£45 which was a bargain in itself! But when I noticed it only had one strap was a bit disappointed so me the bargain hunter asked at the checkout would they be able to do anything for the missing strap. When the girl replied "Well its the only one in stock" I was a little disappointed until she replied "We could give you it for £40 but?" I grabbed at the opportunity to own a coast dress that should be £120 pounds dearer! I think I really will get my wear out of this dress this year and all ready plan on wearing it to my 16th birthday dinner with my family!

Well I hope everyone else had a good weekend like me! I'm off to snuggle down and watch some titanic and well done Matthew for winning dancing on Ice he was amazing loved both him and Chico this series but happy Matthew won :)!

So did anyone else get some amazing bargains at the weekend????



  1. Great post! Loving the new layout :) Oh and the earrings you wore to the party are really nice! The MUA haul is so interesting- I love the browns/creams and that palette is fab! I can't wait to get the BB cream. The dress is lovely oh and what's the vented brush? You should do a review and show me the results! :) xx

  2. lovely post! I am currently obsessed with MUA makeup; love their eye shadow palettes :) xo