Monday, 20 February 2012

Sorry Sorry Sorry!

Hello lovelys!

Its been a while and all I can say is sorry!

Ive had a busy busy weekend with school work and family friends....and to top it all off I've been loaded with the cold! :(

But I'm back now!

I decided to do a short review on my new favourite bag at the min....

The bag is my schoolbag and its just beautiful, as you know I'm from Scotland, but I am lucky to have some connections with the big apple, and my mums friend has just recently returned back from a trip out there to visit one of her relatives. I have had several different bags from Bloomingdale's but this one is by far my favourite!

It shows the outside of the shop and a traditional American street, something which I'm longing to see!

It is the equivlent size to the "Medium Canvas Bag" but with a much more stylish design. Its perfect for school books and can fit in three ring binders or 1 big ring binder folder with several books...Trust me its huge I carry loads with me and it can even fit my lunch in with my million books and make up!

The handles on it are sturdy compared to the normal brown bag (the plastic one) as I found that that particular design was best suited as a weekend bag not a school/book bag as it was broke within 3 weeks :(

I love this bag and would highly reccomend it to anyone who can get their hands on it.

I can't wait to go to New York when I am older to get to finally see the streets like the one on my bag! Bloomingdales do not ship to the UK currently but many of its things pop up on ebay and such sites..But be careful as some may be fakes if you do fancy purchasing a bloomingdales bag online :)!

Well Im off for the night some cramming studying is needed....

REMEMBER please get in contact with me im looking for ideas for new posts all the time as Im new so please comment, tweet me or email me feedback, tips and help is always wanted and welcome


Thursday, 16 February 2012

Hello lovelys!

Well I just thought that since I'm new to the world of blogging that I would introduce myself!

I'm Meghan *waves*
I come from Glasgow in Scotland and love it...Don't believe all what you hear its a pretty amazing place! (well in my opinion!) I come from the same village as the comedian Kevin Bridges (you need to check him out if youve never heard of him! Cause hes amazing and really funny!!)
I only recenlty decided that I would give bloging a try as I always followed a few amazing ones and decided that maybe I would just give it a go and see how it went and after talking to one of my friend and joking about it I never thouht that the day would actually come that we both decided to start blogging! But it did and here we are!
Im currently only 15 and can't wait till my 16th birthday in May!
I don't think of myself as really knowledgeable when ot comes to makeup and fashion I tend to do my own thing but am like any girl and love my make up hair and clothes!
I am obsessed with vintage clothing. I swear I should have been born in the 50's!'

I created this blog to share my thoughts on everthing to do with me: Fashion, make up, my favourite things and even just a daily update of whats going on with me now and again

I'm not the thinest, prettyest or most perfect person in the world but hey im Meghan! I hope you know a little about the real me and you can now follow me on my path to becomming an avid blogger and follow me in growing up!


Little pot of heaven

Hello lovelys!

My first review is here! Its on my new favourite spot treatment which I only discovered very recently!

For a start I don't have really bad acne I just tend to develop spots when I am stressed or when I go to a swimming pool as my skin reacts to the chlorine :(
And for me recently the spots seem to have taken an attack on me as I am currently sitting and studying for my end of year exams in secondary school, so by finding this amazing cream it is helping my skin back to be clear and healthy!

The cream!

So my new favourite at the min is what you may find in a nappy bag, not traditionally a teenagers dressing table Its sudocrem!

I had never taken the time to read the small print and don't tend to go near the baby care section in my local superdrug so I wouldn't have found it if my friend who's older sister has a baby hadnt used it on her babys nappy rash!

I'm so glad ive found it as my skin has become alot smoother and it only has a few spots on it now which is the best it has been in a long while :D! I've been using my dream cream in the morning before applying my make up and daily every night, I use it along with a moisturiser and it has helped.

In saying this one of my friends also tried the cream but it had an opposite affect on her, It does tend to dry out your skin so I'd recomend (for anyone who dosen't tend to moisturise) to use one along side it as the reults that my skin has produced it just amazing! 

The price of a 125g tub came in at just under £3 which is a really great deal as you only need a small amount to cover your whole face! Its a bargin compaired to higher brands that I feel do not tend to work so I'd highly recomend giving it a try!

So next time theres you have a spot breakout why don't you give Sudocrem a try!


Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Soap and Glory +  Me = MY VALENTINE!

Hello my lovelys!

So its the day of lurvvv! But this valentines day saw me clinging on to my hand food more than a boy!

I fell in love the moment I first set my eyes on the pretty pink tube! Soap and Glory has caught me by supprise as how can such an amazing brand be selling there products so cheap and yet the ingredients which can be found in them are just amazing!

Ive now bumped my collection up to three items....after using all of my products and not recieving a single one for christmas *sobs*. I currently am the proud owner of the AMAZING  hand food, heel genious and Scrub 'Em and Leave 'Em body buff which is simply devine!

So who needs a boy when you can have Soap and Glory which knows how to pamper you!

Boots has an amazing deal on soap and glory products currently 3 for 2 so get down to your boots I know where ill be on Saturday!!!

Meghan xxx

Hello lovelys!

Well this is my very first ever!! Blog whohoo!!
Ive always followed vlogs and blogs and decided to take the plunge after much talk with one of my friends!
I hope to share my love of all things beauty and fashion related and even write some reveiws

I hope that I can get a few followers and intrest someone out there to pop in and have a read at my blog!

Meghan xxx