Monday, 30 April 2012

Sorry again! I'm back but!!

Hello my lovely's

I swear I'm still here I've just been a busy bee! A very busy bee!!! So my heads been in the books and the first exams have been sat...another 6 more subjects to go but!

I've had a hectic past month as personal life, school stress and exams all collided into the one blogging seemed to keep me calm before but bloggers block and been busy has kept me away! :( I swear I am back now and hopefully back to stay I'm sorry to all my lovely followers I've neglected you all for too long!

It's my 16th birthday on Wednesday and I thought that that would be the perfect day to start back as I've collected a huge amount of clothes and makeup along with some other stuff and hopefully some presents by wed! So a huge hall should hopefully be up then!

I'm so glad to jump back into the blogging word and can only apologies for neglecting you all! But I'm back do hello again! *waves*

Well in off for the night to catch some beauty sleep before my Spanish exams tomorrow so adios Mis amigos!