Thursday, 16 February 2012

Little pot of heaven

Hello lovelys!

My first review is here! Its on my new favourite spot treatment which I only discovered very recently!

For a start I don't have really bad acne I just tend to develop spots when I am stressed or when I go to a swimming pool as my skin reacts to the chlorine :(
And for me recently the spots seem to have taken an attack on me as I am currently sitting and studying for my end of year exams in secondary school, so by finding this amazing cream it is helping my skin back to be clear and healthy!

The cream!

So my new favourite at the min is what you may find in a nappy bag, not traditionally a teenagers dressing table Its sudocrem!

I had never taken the time to read the small print and don't tend to go near the baby care section in my local superdrug so I wouldn't have found it if my friend who's older sister has a baby hadnt used it on her babys nappy rash!

I'm so glad ive found it as my skin has become alot smoother and it only has a few spots on it now which is the best it has been in a long while :D! I've been using my dream cream in the morning before applying my make up and daily every night, I use it along with a moisturiser and it has helped.

In saying this one of my friends also tried the cream but it had an opposite affect on her, It does tend to dry out your skin so I'd recomend (for anyone who dosen't tend to moisturise) to use one along side it as the reults that my skin has produced it just amazing! 

The price of a 125g tub came in at just under £3 which is a really great deal as you only need a small amount to cover your whole face! Its a bargin compaired to higher brands that I feel do not tend to work so I'd highly recomend giving it a try!

So next time theres you have a spot breakout why don't you give Sudocrem a try!


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