Sunday, 29 July 2012

I'm still here!

Hello my lovelys

I just thought I'd do a little update for you all on why I've not been posting recently I felt I owe it to you my lovely followers...and to let you all know I am still here!!!

I've had a few family problems in the last few months like i mentioned in my last blog the problem was with a one of my family members being seriously Ill it happened to be my papa who I was extremely close to, and spend most of my time with over his last few months he sadly passed away at the end of June and I'm just getting back to reality now. When I feel brave enough I may share some of the things i went through and I know that having my friends was a huge support especially since I've never had a bereavement in my family before therefor I might rename my blog and do more life updates as well as the beauty side of things....but I would like to know if you my followers would be interested in this...

I'm so sorry I've not been updating but I hope you all can all understand.
Hopefully I should be back up and running again soon! I've gathered a huge amount of things over the past few months and look forward to blogging about them all!

In the mean time go check out my beautiful friend julz she's such a lovely Girl and we both started blogging at the same time, she's now made the plunge and started her own you tube channel so go check her out!!

Thanks again for not abandoning me!



  1. Woo so glad your back :) I'm fully behind any kind of post you want to do, as long as your comfortable. I'm sure everyone understands that you couldn't update as regularly as you wanted to, and after all its your blog so you can do it on your terms! I'm very very very excited to hear about all the new beauty items you've gathered! And woot thanks for the shout out hehe :P xx

    1. Thanks julz! It might be good to get some stuff wrote down, no doubt I'll end up doing advice posts or something! They will be up soon hopefully! Thanks chick xxx